The real estate has already been one of the most reliable long-term sources of capital; in addition, different real estate transactions are an integral part of any business, especially related to the goods production. But any real estate transaction is accompanied by a significant number of different documents. Many various instances participate in the preparation of these papers; each of them may have its own requirements and conditions to obtain the necessary document. The number and types of documents required can often depend on the type of acquired property, as well as on the proposed activity with the given property. Knowing of all the nuances of real estate transactions is extremely difficult; you need to have a regular practice of such transactions that basically is not typical for the manufacturing companies or other organizations, whose primary activity is not connected with the sale of real estate.

OSTIN DVW company for its turn has a constant practice of participation in various property transactions, both for its direct customers and acting as a subcontractor.

Independently or as a member of consortium with other companies OSTIN DVW provides the following services:

  • Real estate operations (searching for objects and buyers)
  • Real estate appraisal
  • Designing property portfolio development
  • Property management