Investment projects

The investing in a business is an intricate problem. So for an investor with available funds, which he would like to invest in a promising project, it is quite difficult to find the same project, that would have minimal chances of failure on the one hand and prospects the maximum benefit from your investment on the other hand, as well as any investor has risk of being scammed by a deal. Companies, seeking for an investment in their business or projects, also meet many difficulties, ranging from the banal inability to provide potential investors with a quality business plan and ending with a lack of experience in conducting high-level talks.

OSTIN DVW company is ready to help to solve all the possible problems in the field of investment faced by both: potential investors and business representatives. We have enough experience to avoid possible risks, reduce time costs, while maintaining economic and legal efficiency.

OSTIN DVW offers the following services in the sphere of investment:

  • Develop a concept and strategy for implementation of the project
  • Develop business plans for investment projects
  • Justification and selection of the optimal financing scheme
  • Estimation of cost and efficiency of investment
  • Project asset management
  • Corporate finance
  • Organization of competitive procedures (tenders)
  • Legal support for the project