The roads are an essential infrastructural thruway and many European countries have considerable experience in the construction of high-quality roads and all attendant facilities, but in many developing countries the quality of the road surface, as well as of the transport infrastructure, is not yet at a very high level. Combining the knowledge and experience of European road construction companies with the extensive active presence in many developing countries, a basic knowledge of the their economics functioning and legislation in the field of construction, company OSTIN DVW is a highly effective assistant in various projects in this area.

Regarding the construction of roads, bridges and tunnels we offer the following services:

  • Performing functions of construction manager
  • Planning of construction and installation work
  • Design management
  • Technical assistance in organization and conduct of competitive tenders
  • Roadways, bridges and tunnels assessment
  • Building management
  • Organization of technical supervision of construction and installation work
  • Organization of competitive tenders and monitoring of purchase of goods, services, works