Public Utilities

Municipal Services is a diversified economic sphere, where organizational, technical, social and economic issues, related to the public service companies from different industries and small offices to large industrial parks, mining companies and industrial concerns, are closely intertwined. Effective and sustainable management of functioning municipal services is one of the most complicated and important missions, faced by all organizations – the premises, warehouses and industrial areas owners. Many issues of communal facilities stay implicit until the construction begins or production starts. OSTIN DVW company has a long-term experience in start-up of various manufactures, in management of industrial and office locations and share successfully this experience in order to services all interested companies.

Our services in public utilities sector cover all varieties of community facilities:

Water and heat supply, plumbing and sewer systems, landscaping, sanitation and cleaning services and other communal services in towns and urban-type communities.

We offer:

  • development of design and detail documentation for all community facilities
  • equipment procurement and supply, including:
    • equipment supply bid documentation development
    • equipment vendor selection together with the Client
  • Project Management