Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia

Since 2014 we are official consultants of “Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia” for international cooperation.

Shafranik Borodai ShmalJust because the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia is an organization, that represents interests of the entire state-building area of economy, there is a great number of potential projects, where foreign partners can cooperate with the Union to operate their businesses in Russian Federation and neighboring CIS countries in the oil and gas industry, much interested in developing of new technologies and innovations. At the same time Russian industry participants have potential to develop their activities abroad within international integration and cooperation.

Our company is a business consultant for international development, that provides the cooperation between the Union and potential partners, and at the same time we develop cooperation promoting strategies, business plans and policies. Our activities also include full information, administrative and organizational support to all international contacts of the Union.

Our company is also a consultant and contractor in the project of partial rebranding for the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia.