Gas & Petrochemistry (Processing)

In the global petrochemical industry there is a tendency to increase of the high-tech products’ proportion, this trend is definitely characteristic for petrochemical sphere in developed countries and is becoming a large scale in developing countries. Driving force in the industry are the new technologies, innovative products, management principles, etc. The modern world petrochemical industry relies on the large single units – the mega-installations, which provide positive economic results due to their high technical equipment. In petrochemical industry environmental considerations became a priority for many representatives in the development industry. 10 – 15 % of the whole project budget is spent for these actions. In view of this, many companies simply need the assistance of experts in the form of consolidated knowledge of the latest trends and methods of production, laws and juristic practices. OSTIN DVW company has a sufficient basis to support petrochemical companies in various ways.

Ostin independently or as a member of consortiums with other engineering companies carries out the following works for petrochemical companies:

  • Preliminary design and research that include:
    • Business case studies
    • commercial offers
    • technical and economic calculations
    • feasibility study of investment for oil & gas processing plant construction and modernization.
  • Collecting data for project design
  • Analysis of existing plants
  • Primary and secondary crude oil processing plant project design
  • Development of design and detail documentation for primary and secondary crude oil processing units
  • Procurement and supply of equipment, including:
    • Equipment supply bid documentation development
    • Equipment vendor selection together with the Client
  • Project Management

We specialize on liquefied gas and polyethylene producing plants.