The dependence of public welfare to energy development is certain. Power engineering contributes to the prosperity, providing a variety of consumption fields such as lighting and heating, as well as supplying, transport and household needs of people with the necessary energy production. With existing technologies and energy systems, with the existing schemes of energy use, most industrial companies have already approached to the edge, where on account of a further increase in production capacity, energy expenses start to exceed the allowable costs, what affects negatively the profits. OSTIN DVW company aims at exploration of the positive experience in the field of power consumption and considers the latest trends in this sector for better client service.

Independently or as a member of consortium with other engineering companies OSTIN DVW GmbH provides to its clients with the following services:

  • Engineering and survey works
  • Design works
  • Construction works
  • Technical audit
  • Equipment assembling and launching when designing and constructing thermal power plants, hydro power stations, mini hydro and wind power stations.