High water consumption, heat and stuff capacity were common for the most of chemical productions, but factors such as electric capacity, laboriousness, capital and research intensity are much more important for chemical manufacturing industries, involved in production of polymeric materials. Experts of our company have at the sufficient competence level to provide a variety of consulting services in this field. Today, the environmental factor has an increasing impact upon the design and functioning of many chemical plants, especially those ones, so called “dirty”. Extensive knowledge of the OSTIN DVW company’s specialists in environmental legislation in several European and Central Asian countries, as well as the presence of partnerships with consulting companies, specializing in eco-control, allows to support developing and steadily working chemical industries in the most effective way. In recent decades, there is a very distinct tendency to organize the mining and chemical enterprises in developing countries. This trend is a supplementary advantage, if you choose OSTIN DVW as a consultant, a contractor or a partner in the chemical business, since the international activity of the company is aimed at efficient actions in developing countries, especially in East and Central Asia.

Ostin independently or as a member of consortium with other engineering companies carries out the following works:

  • technology selection in accordance with the raw material data and quality standards
  • development of technical and commercial proposals
  • project design
  • development of design and detail documentation for process units
  • equipment vendor selection together with the Client