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was founded as an investment company for work mainly in the packaging industry in the markets of former Soviet Union countries, Eastern and Western Europe.

Success of our projects, new business contacts and growing confidence led us to expand the range of services and entry into the emerging markets such as Uzbekistan and other CIS states.

We have expanded our activities for providing services in the most developed and the most perspective industries such as energy, including innovative directions for the use of alternative energy sources, and oil production, including geological exploration and research, chemical industry, ranked second in Europe in terms of production and road industry.

OSTIN DVW GmbH has the close-knit team of professionals. We are attracting the highly professional engineers, researchers, scientists and entire institutes in required industries sectors. We are using wide contacts with local specialists, academic and industrial organizations. That is why today OSTIN DVW GmbH provides with stable high quality the services concerning analysis and assessment, engineering and modelling, project management and control, information technologies and management techniques in a wide range of industries, in infrastructure sector, in agriculture, in water services and in some other branches of economy in FSU countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and etc.

The foundation of our success is the deep knowledge of national identity of these countries and the specifics of their economies, as well as extensive contacts with experts, high professionalism of performers, the constant development, the modernization, the continuous monitoring of new technologies and innovations.