Feed Production

Today big quantities of feed are required for livestock farming development and intensification. That is why alongside with the natural feed it is necessary to use all feeding resources produced in other industries as by-products.

It is proved by scientific research and livestock feeding practices that nutrients are better consumed by animals in the form of mixed feed.

Mixed feed is produced for domestic cattle of different age and purpose. It can have different forms: crumbled, pelleted, grains, expanded and structurally expanded.

The Client can choose the recipe of the mixed feed in accordance with the needs. At the same time not only the age of cattle is taken into consideration, but also sagination results, animal behavior and customer’s goals.

Independently or as a member of consortium with other companies Ostin DVW GmbH carries out the following works while designing and constructing feed producing plants for cattle and poultry farms:

  • technology selection in accordance with the raw material data and quality standards
  • development of technical and commercial proposals
  • project design
  • development of design and detail documentation
  • supply of equipment for feed mixing and delivering